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SEASTAR Parfum 100 ml Limited Edition

11,110.00 RSD


The story behind the #ipseityXmarina SEASTAR Perfume 

The external-secondary package of this perfume is different, its not a box, nor ordinary paper one, nor ours metal tin, but rather a small, both vintage style and modern bag for the beach and everyday use. This is the initiative to support the woman entrepreneurship and small businesses in Serbia and worldwide. To encourage all the women to make businesses from their hobbies. This is what Ipseity philosophy is all about -finding the talents and passions and make the most of it and give them back to the world. MARINA Bags is a hobby of young women from Serbia, she is highly educated and had a career in banking. She recognized one day she is not satisfied in the life career, and not living her life to full potential, so she becomes a bag, wallets, and other leather accessories designer and maker. She is the one who was afraid to make a real business from it, and Ipseity Perfumes decided to support this idea and encourage all the women to find and live their Ipseity-es, and make a social impact on this subject of supporting small local businesses.

By purchasing the SEASTAR Perfume, you are supporting #womenentrepreneurship, #smallbusiness & #supportlocalbusiness.

 The vintage beach time-machine

This perfume has a story of walking down the memory lane of summer holidays from childhood along the seaside, beaches with natural shadows of pine trees and Coppertone suntan-lotion mixed with the smell of fresh homemade donuts made by locals sold at the beach, often eaten after you came out of the sea and mother is still putting a portion of suntan while you are hungrily grabbing the donuts with still salty hands exhausted of swimming. 

Family (Fresh) Green - Floral - (Aromatic) Woody

Fragrance Concentration : 30% - Essence de Parfum

Main Perfume Accords: fresh, aromatic, balsamic, 


Top: Green crushed leaves (orange tree leaves)

Heart: Floral (lilac, lavender, jasmine, rose, orange blossom, lily of the valley, ylang-ylang ) - Spicy - Herbal

Base : Musk - Balsamic (vanilla) - Woody (vetiver)


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