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LOM Slides

S#06 lompuče

6,230.00 RSD 8,900.00 RSD

Limited edition LOM slides combine the looks and softness of our S#03 Slides with head-turning metal accessories. 

Due to the characteristics and industrial look of the rubber we use for uppers, these slides will look better and better with wear and tear. We sand our uppers by hand to make sure they sit comfortably on your foot. Also, we made them snug, so your foot doesn't slide through when wet, like it does in typical pool slides. 

  • Anatomical super comfortable PU sole
  • Hand finished natural caoutchouc upper
  • 9mm and 14mm screw-in spikes in zinc alloy 
  • 100% vegan
  • And a whole lot more of awesomeness
  • Made to order - please allow for up to 7 days for dispatching


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