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Popova Earrings Gold

2,400.00 RSD

Popova Earrings are asymmetric and playful. Suitable for all occasions!


We embrace design both as aesthetics and as way of living. Therefore, all pieces are made with the smallest footprint possible, sustainably sourced materials and manufacture ethically in our studio. We combine digital fabrication with traditional handcraft skills in order to customize these storytelling pieces, carefully assembled by hands of the designer.


Made of high quality cast acrylic 3mm + ø25mm Stainless Steel hoop (hypoallergenic)

Length: 38mm

Width: 28mm

Depth: 22mm


Available in three different palettes:

-Black (matte), Gold and Beige

-Beige (matte), Gold and Coral

-Beige (matte), Blue mirror and Bordeaux



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