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UNIFORMA by Marta Jovanović

UNIFORMA is a conceptual artwork turned a unique
ART/FASHION BRAND with an anti fashion concept: 
no collections and limited number of pieces in very small editions.
UNIFORMA is a lifestyle.
UNIFORMA cut was inspired directly by the work uniform worn by construction workers as a symbol of (re)building and strength and conceptually it stands for
• pro-valor of unseen and
unrecognized labor
• pro-responsibility towards
oneself and others
UNIFORMA was a year long performance art piece by Marta Jovanovic (January 1, 2016 to January 1, 2017). The artist wore only UNIFORMA pieces for the duration of one year because ARTIST IS A WORKER.
Numerous volunteers from arts, culture, business, diplomacy as well as royalty wore it internationally for variable time periods in order to support the project.