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Nežan. Istančan. Večan.

Inspirisan savremenom ženom koja žudi za jednostavnom elegancijom i visokim kvalitetom. Dizajn je spoj čistih silueta i besprekornih, prirodnih materijala.

Vanvremenska elegancija sa prepoznatljivim stilom dozvoljava ambicioznoj, zanosnoj i hrabroj ženi da zablista.


Tender. Delicate. Eternal. Transformed into clothes and made with style that endures. For those who yearn for simple, timeless elegance mixed with high quality, to reflect their inner self. 

Shash is a sustainable Madrid based brand launched in 2017. Designed in the Shash Atelier and made in Spain.

Effortless elegance with a distinctive style is the foundation of Shash. Our designs are a combination of clean, simple silhouettes and impeccable, yet comfortable materials; always keeping in mind that Shash should not be just worn but that it should be something you live in.

We pride ourselves on never compromising when it comes to choosing the right fabrics to convey our vision. Using sustainable materials and rescued deadstock fabrics are all part of our goal to promote more sustainable options. Some would say that we want to lead by example, they would be right.

Shash is a selected team of passionate individuals who strive for perfection. In order to ensure high quality, we can proudly say that every piece is an ”all-hands” process where we pay special attention to every detail, and time spent on making a piece is never an issue.