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Marfur's Story

Driven by a dream about environmental conservation and positive ethical changes in the world, Belgradians Vesna and Tijana Marovic launched in 2015 Marfur, a handmade collection of fur coats, jackets and vests made of the highest quality French and Dutch faux fur.

Marfur's Mission - Make a Difference

Faced with well known fashion brands offering natural fur in Serbia and mass-produced clothing made of faux fur that is losing quality, they decided to offer something new, quality, modern and environmentally sustainable. Due to the wholesale of exclusive eco fur in the family-run company "Marek doo" and Vesna's art education, as well as Tijana's communicative youthful spirit, the company started sewing fur coats, jackets and vests called Marfur.

Marfur's Vision - Skin Remembers

Marfur is a high-quality faux fur fashion brand that looks, warms and feels like the natural fur on the skin. Set up as a counterpart to the urban lifestyle, fashion, attitude and language of the world’s biggest music star who is environmentally conscious, Marfur writes its vision through originality and credibility.