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HappyBdayJack is a sustainable underwear artisan brand handmade in Belgrade and inspired by 70's French art nouveau aesthetics icons.
Collection is created in very small numbers, all products being unique. Everything is drawn, coloured, tie dyed, cut, modelled, sewn by hand, involving Belgrade art scene. The idea is to leave as little footprint behind as possible - all leftover materials are currently being minced to be used and up-cycled in the second collection, with ultimate goal to reach zero waste future.

The debut collection is inspired by the power of emojis in digitalized world. Emojis are images, but they are also endlessly symbolic – they stand in for words and concepts and contextualise the tone of the conversation and increase the imagination and vocabulary of your body.

Jack is a flamboyant. Invisible streetwear underwear. For the privileged ones who get lucky to see it.