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Established in Belgrade, Serbia - ATELIER JOPA is a contemporary womenswear brand aiming for feminine designs, which have an urban and refined look.


The story of ATELIER JOPA goes back to two strangers who missed their flight at the Munich airport in Germany.  They instantly connected and their close friendship has lasted now almost 7 years.  After countless hours of spending time together and talking about their favorite subject- fashion and trends, they decided it is time to start their own unique fashion brand.


Vesna Jovanovic's professional background in electric engineering supports the brands pursuit for perfection and attention to detail, which provides an incredible and unique twist in the world of fashion. The inspiration she draws from her vast travels in combination with her background in engineering is an indispensable asset to our brand.

Dragana Paripovic, a highly experienced fashion designer who graduated from the Akademie Mode Design (AMD) in Düsseldorf, Germany, forms the other part of our business. Her name appears in collections for CERRUTI and LOUIS FÉRAUD, which were featured at the Prêt-à-Porter Fashion Shows in Paris. Dragana's work took her mainly between Germany and France, but mastered her craft  in some of the finest manufacturing facility hubs for fashion in China, India and Turkey.