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Love, integrity and positive inspiration – essential elements of the truly good life.

With careful attention to detail, love and respect for nature and people, our small team is creating the right combination of old and new, science and mystery.

For food and body

All nut edible cold pressed oils made from plum seed, apricot seed and hazelnut are also the best possible ingredient for skin care. Everything at All nut is made by hand, using only natural and unprocessed ingredients. Products are made in small batches to guarantee freshness and contain no artificial fragrance – their distinctive scent comes from carefully selected essential oils of the highest quality. Cold pressed oils of the highest quality are the basis of every product.

Who plums you

All nut takes strong inspiration from Serbia’s rich agricultural tradition – where hospitality and health have long been closely connected to the field, and to nature.

Herbs, fruit and plants for our oils are grown by the small local producers in remote and non-polluted mountain areas in Serbia.

In the production of natural cosmetics, infused oils are important part of the exotic mix – calendula, ivy, centella, immortelle and many more. We infuse our plum oil with these beautiful flowers and plants to extract their minerals and nutrition.

Magic for all senses

Immerse yourself in essences of nature in fragrant All nut shops, whose interior blends the best of a laboratory, a pharmacy and grandma’s kitchen.


It all began on a warm summer night, somewhere by the Mediterranean sea…