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1618 WEAR

New era has come and it is time to redefine traditional fashion. New technologies, new ways of communication are forcing every industry, including fashion, to change and adopt. We are welcoming a new era in fashion, a completely new outlook on personallity of style and individuallity. The concept of the brand will be outdated. The traditional names behind the concept should be overcome. Identifying with the brand will be archaic and useless. This is why we choose 1,618 as our brand name. 1,618 does not belong to anybody, but at the same time, it belongs to everybody. The number of Golden ratio, number of perfect proportions, universal number which describes the beauty of nature, Universe, art, architecture and anathomy, including the DNA strand. The ancient Egyptians used it in building their pyramids and they called it The Sacred Ratio. Inspiration for out logo is coming from Da Vinci’s illustrations “Vitruvian Man” for “De Divina Proportione” (On the Divine Proportion), a book about mathematics written by Luca Pacioli around 1498. In the book, Pacioli writes about mathematical and artistic proportion, particularly the mathematics of the golden ratio and its application in art and architecture. We have a new vision of fashion that is based on the idea that the person themselves should create their own expression of style, because we see our customers are unique individuals who identify only with themselves and their own sense of style.